Twenty-First Luca d’Agliano Lecture in Development Economics: “Offshoring, Reshoring, and the Future of International Trade” by Elhanan Helpman (Harvard University), 3rd June 2023 at 5 p.m. (CET), CCA


“Offshoring, Reshoring, and the Future of International Trade”, by Elhanan Helpman (Galen L. Stone Professor of International Trade, Harvard University)

The Twenty-First Luca d’Agliano Lecture in Development Economics by Elhanan Helpman (Harvard University) will take place on Saturday 3rd June 2023 at 5 p.m. (CET) at the Fondazione Collegio Carlo Alberto (Turin).


If you missed it, you can rewatch it here!

Abstract: The pandemic and the war in Ukraine attracted attention to the vulnerability of global supply chains. After years of offshoring, is now the time for reshoring? For diversifying supply chains? And should governments engage in active policies to promote these goals? Answers to these questions shed light on the future of international trade and globalization.

Bio: Elhanan Helpman is the Galen L. Stone Professor of International Trade at Harvard University. He holds a B.A. degree in Economics and Statistics from Tel Aviv University, an M.A. degree in Economics from the same institution, and a Ph.D. degree in Economics from Harvard University.
Helpman’s main areas of interest are international trade, economic growth and political economy. He is a cofounder of the “new trade theory” and the “new growth theory”. Much of his work is summarized in eight books, including Market Structure and Foreign Trade, with Paul Krugman(MIT Press, 1987),  Special Interest Politics, with Gene Grossman (MIT Press, 2002), The Mystery of Economic Growth(Harvard University Press, 2010), Globalization and Inequality (Harvard University Press, 2018), and Understanding Global Trade (Harvard University Press, 2011), translated into Italian and published by Il Mulino (2013). He has also studied the Israeli economy and has been an active participant in Israeli policy debates.Helpman has served on the editorial boards of many scientific journals such as the European Economic Review and the Journal of International Economics. He is a Fellow of the Econometric Society and has delivered invited lectures at major universities and institutions. He is also a member of, amongst others, the Israeli Academy of Sciences  and Humanities, a Foreign Honorary Member  of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences,  a Corresponding Fellow of the British Academy, a Distinguished Fellow of the American Economic Association and President Elect of the international Economic Association. Helpman has received the Mahalanobis Memorial Medal, the Bernhard Harms Prize, the Rothschild Prize, the EMET Prize, the Nemmers Prize, the Onassis Prize, the BBVA Frontiers of Knowledge Award, the Jean Jacques Prize and the Israel Prize.

In collaboration with Fondazione Collegio Carlo Alberto

This year the Luca d’Agliano Lecture is organised within the Festival Internazionale dell’Economia