The Centro Studi Luca d’Agliano (LdA) is a non profit research institution in the field of international and development economics based at Fondazione Luigi Einaudi in Torino and at the Department of Economics of the University of Milan. LdA, through a network of Italian and international institutions and researchers, promotes and carries out research programmes covering issues like foreign investments and diffusion of technologies, international trade and trade policy, migration and labour markets, household behaviour and rural institutions in developing countries. LdA also supports graduate students and post doctoral fellows working in its major fields of research.

Its aim is to favour a better understanding of the economic problems inherent to development and international economics. Particular emphasis is placed on giving students the opportunity to attend the best universities and so to come in contact with the most distinguished scholars in order that they may acquire a truly international perspective and an intellectual and broad minded approach to the problems of development and international economics.

  1. the undertaking of research in development and international economics. In keeping with an approach similar to that of Luca d’Agliano, such research aims to maintain a close connection between the latest developments in economic theory, certain fundamental features of development economics, with special emphasis on the conflict between efficiency and equity – fight against poverty and ethical and philosophical questions assuring the unity and cohesion of previus points;
  2. a library and documentation centre on development studies located at the Fondazione Einaudi in Torino. This also includes the writings, notes and books that formed the subject-matter of Luca’s studies at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford;
  3. the award of scholarships, prizes and research grants to Italian and foreign students wishing to further their studies in development and international economics;
  4. a series of seminars allowing people from the academic and business world to share their work and experiences;
  5. the publication, on its own account or in association with other institutions, of studies and informative material on topics related to development and international economics;
  6. collaboration agreements with other Italian and foreign institutions aimed at furthering the exchange of ideas and the comparison of topics related to development and international economics;
  7. the training of young students and practitioners.

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