Poverty and Development

The area is coordinated by Mariapia Mendola (Professor of Economics, University of Milano Bicocca and IZA Fellow). Resident researchers working in this area are Jacopo Bonan, Francesco Campo, Andrea Guariso, Sara Giunti. Non-resident researchers include Margherita Comola, Guido Friebel, Carla Inguaggiato, Harounan Kazianga, Luigi Minale, Miriam Manchin, Giovanni Prarolo, Franklin Simtowe.

Research work in this area is concentrated on the study of the determinants and constraints of household investment behaviour in developing economies. By employing either large or tailored data sources, combined with cutting-edge analytical tools, our projects address some of the urgent policy issues less-developed countries face. In 2020 the Research Unit has been working mainly on social learning and agricultural technology adoption in developing economies. We did so by working on three different projects: i) Innovation and Social Networks in a Resettled Community in Brazil; ii) Global firms and development in Africa; iii) Agricultural extension and technology adoption in rural Uganda. LdA fellows have been also involved in academic and policy work on migration and development, in particular by consulting the UNDP (Africa Borderlands Centre) on the determinants of mobility of cross-border communities in Africa. The research team has been also working on the socio-economic impact of hosting asylum seekers in Italy.

Details on latest research projects can be found below.


5 Projects
26 Papers
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