Poverty and Development

This research unit works on development economics issues, with a particular focus on the determinants and constraints of household investment decisions in low-income and risky settings. We use different methods, based on both existing and first-hand data, to generate novel and rigorous insights about on households’’ use of productive resources, investment in human capital and labor supply decisions in developing countries.

The area is coordinated by Mariapia Mendola (Associate Professor of Economics, University of Milano Bicocca). Resident researchers working in this area are Jacopo Bonan, Massimiliano Bratti, Emanuele Clemente and Alessio Romarri. Non-resident researchers include Massimiliano Bratti, Margherita Comola, William Ekere, Simona Fiore, Guido Friebel, Garance Genicot, Harounan Kazianga, Luigi Minale, Miriam Manchin, Giovanni Prarolo, Furio Rosati, Franklin Simtowe.


1 Ongoing Project
30 Papers
2 Policy Reports

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