The study of the economics of international migration is the second of LdA’s research areas. LdA fellows are pursuing several interrelated lines of research that deal with all stages of migration process. A first one investigates the determinants of international migration and the process of migrants’ self-selection. A second one deals with the role of destination-country policies in determining the size and composition of migrants’ and refugees’ flows as well as in determining the speed of their economic integration and investigates the political economy of immigration policy. In another stream of research, LdA fellows investigate how public policies can shape individual attitudes toward migration. Finally, a long-standing research line focuses on the consequences of immigration for receiving as well as for origin countries.

Research in this area is coordinated by Tommaso Frattini (Professor of Economics, University of Milan). Other LdA researchers working in this area are Francesco Fasani (University of Milan), Elisabetta Lodigiani (University of Padua) and Anna Rosso (University of Insubria). Pre-doc researchers are Angela Dalmonte and Piero Bertino.

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