Research Seminar Series on “Global Challenges”

Forthcoming Seminars

Fadi Hassan (Banca d’Italia), 18th March, 12.15 p.m.
Mathias Thoenig (University of Lausanne), 6th May, 12.15 p.m.
Vasiliki Fouka (Stanford University), 30th September, 5 p.m.
Julia Cajal Grossi (The Graduate Institute), 4th November, 5 p.m.
Camille Landais (LSE), 4th December, 12.15 p.m.


3 December 2020, webinar: Mounir Karadja (Uppsala University): “Mass Migration and Technology Change”

29 October 2020, webinar: Anna Gumpert (LMU – Munich): “Firm organization with multiple establishments”

21-23 October 2020, European Research Workshop in International Trade (ERWIT)

24 September 2020, webinar: Diego Battiston (London School of Economics): “The Persistent Effects of Brief Interactions: Evidence from Immigrant Ships”

2 July 2020, webinar: Francesco Amodio (McGill University): “Labor market power and informality in Peru”

11 June 2020, webinar: Olle Folke (Uppsala University): “Sexual harassment and gender inequality in the labor market”

11 February 2020, University of Milan Bicocca: Alexander Moradi (Free University of Bozen): “Land reform, public goods, and poverty reduction in the long-run: Evidence from Kenya’s million-acre settlement scheme”


28 November 2019, University of Milan: Santiago Pérez (University of California, Davis): “Southern (American) Hospitality: Italians in Argentina and the US during the Age of Mass Migration”

7 November 2019, University of Milan: Gordon Hanson (University of California, San Diego): “Importing Political Polarization? The Electoral Consequences of Rising Trade Exposure”

25 October 2019, Unicredit Foundation: Global Challenges International Workshop 

24 October 2019, University of Milan: Valerie Smeets (Aahrus University): “Heterogeneous Globalization: Offshoring and Reorganization”

17 May 2019, Politecnico di Milano: Alan Deardorff (University of Michigan): “Comparative Advantage in Digital Trade”

5 April 2019, University of Milan: Luigi Pascali (Universitat Pompeu Fabra): “Wars, Local Political Institutions, and Fiscal Capacity: Evidence from Six Centuries of German History”

31 January 2019, University of Milan: Ran Abramitzky (Stanford University): “Did Immigrants in the Past Assimilate Faster than Today?”