LdA Scholarships

The Centro Studi Luca d’Agliano devotes particular attention to training young students to acquire the background necessary for a professional career in development research, by providing them with financial assistance in the form of scholarships and research contributions, or by including them in research projects.

a) Scholarship
A grant of 10.000 Euros is awarded, through the Fondazione Luigi Einaudi in Turin, to young Italian graduates, who wish to advance their studies in development economics abroad. The grant can be renewable for a second year according to fund availability.

b) Prizes
The Centro Studi’s annual prizes are awarded through Churchill College, University of Cambridge and St.Antony’s College, Oxford to students displaying “ability in their studies, particular interest in the problems of developing countries, humanity and altruism”.
Prize winners are listed by institution. A similar prize, assigned to a student from Sevenoaks School (Kent), was discontinued in 1994.

C.M. Bramall (1986, Great Britain) and X.H. Zang (1986, China); S.V. De S. Gunaratne (1987, Sri Lanka) and L.Wang (1987, China); A. Basu (1988, India),  H.L. Khong (1988, Malaysia) and M.Marcel (1988, Chile); Luis A.V. Catao (1989, Brazil); Lucia Hammer (1989, Great Britain) and Sue Szabo (1989, Canada); He Dong (1990, China), R.M. Rimmer (1990, Great Britain) and A.P. Woods (1990, Barbados); Pingyao Lai (1991, China), Xiao-Feng Liu (1991, China) and Asad Sayeed (1991, Pakistan); Giancarlo Spagnolo (1992, Italy); Anu Satyal (1992, India); Gangzhan Fu (1994, China); Samantha Gibson (1995, USA); Reehana Rifat Raza (1996, Pakistan); Khwima Lawrence Nthara (1997, Malawi); Grace P.C. Mugadza (1998, Zimbabwe); Martin Ruhs (1999, Austria); Sara Silvestri (2000, Italy); Rozana Salih (2001); Xutian Ma (2002, China); Yuantuo Guo (2003, China); Dominic Rohner (2004, Switzerland); Hui Wang (2005, China); Carmen L. Lacambra Segura (2006); Nazia Habib-Mintz (2007, Bangladesh); Osvaldo Gonzalez (2008-2009, USA); Manasa Patnam (2010, India); Kim Wagenaar (2012, Netherlands); Igor Lopes Rocha (2012, Brazil); Ivanka Mamic (2013, Australia and Croatia); Peng Zhang (2014, China); Raghabendra KC (2015, Nepal); Tammy Chen (2016, Canadian and Taiwanese); Miriam Alvarado (2017, USA); Nadjim Sarwary (2018, Germany); Adham Khudaykulov (2019, Uzbekistan); Patience Spinoza Okuku (2020, Uganda); Chunwen Xiao (2021, China); Jamie Moore (2023, United Kingdom); Karry Donghua Jiao (2023, US/Chinese).

J.R. Scott (1985, Great Britain); J. Hoddinot (1986, Canada); Solomon Soquar (1987, Ethiopia); Jerome Booth (1988, Great Britain); Mamta Murthi (1989, India); Stephen Grant Devereux (1990 ex-South Africa; permanent resident in the UK); Nomaan Majid (1991, Pakistan); Lucia da Corta (1992, USA and Ireland); Roberta Tibana (1993, Mozambique); Riccardo Maggi (1994, Italy); Sabina Alkire (1995, USA); Caterina Ruggieri Laderchi (1996, Italy); Nancy Collins (1997, USA); Mark Wu (1998 USA); Diego Angemi (1999, Italy); Sebastian Silva-Leander and Maria Lugo (2000); Jesse Kharbanda (2001); César Calvo (2002, Peru); Raphael Espinoza (2004, France); Neha Kumra (2005 India); Safya Krutikova (2006); Bet Caeyers (2007); Abhijeet Singh (2008, India); Aidan Coville (2009, South Africa and USA); Miguel Sarzosa Castillo (2010, Colombia); Rachel Cassidy (2011, Great Britain); Rossa O’Keefe-O’Donovan (2012, USA); Matthew Butler-Adam (2013); Matthew James Dawes (2014, Great Britain); Katherine Stapleton (2015, Great Britain), Louis Graham and Michelle Rao (2016); Vatsal Khandelwal and Neal Barsch (2017); Pieter Joseph Sayer (2018, Great Britain/Netherlands); Yannick Markhof (2019, Germany); Ben Brunckhorst (2020, Australia); Nelli Vanninen (2021, Finland); Krittika Ray (2022, India) and Oliver Hanney (2022, United Kingdom); Magnus Eldrup (2023, Denmark) and Shagnik Chakravarty (2023, India).

Marie Helene Painter (1985); Hingo Hippisley (1986); Katrina Astley (1987); Andrew Davies (1988); Jonathan Fischer (1989); Nicholas Masters (1990); Emily Greenwood (1991); Toby Jeffcote (1992); Kathrin Woodham (1993); Sarah Howie (1994).


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