Firms and the International Market

The area is coordinated by Gianmarco Ottaviano (Professor of Economics, LSE; Honorary Professor of Economics, University of Bologna). Resident researchers working in this area are Giorgio Barba Navaretti, Giulia Felice, Emanuele Forlani, Paolo Garella, Laura Ogliari and Anna Cecilia Rosso. 

LdA works extensively on the firm-level determinants of competitiveness and internationalisation pursuing several long-run lines of research. A first line of research asks how the micro features of exporting firms translate into macro outcomes, like aggregate productivity and trade balances. A second line investigates the role of non-tariff trade barriers as one of the main obstacle to firms’ internationalization: barriers such as quotas, packaging conditions or not-uniformed sanitary conditions may limit trade activity of firms and affect a wide range of firm-level outcomes. A third line of research delves into the impact of firms’ organization on firms’ performance, and asks how internal capital and labour markets operating within business groups affect firms’ resilience to positive and negative shocks.



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