European Economy

What is European Economy

“European Economy – Banks, Regulation, and the Real Sector” is a journal to encourage an informed and fair debate among academics, institutional representatives, and bankers on the current banking regulation framework and its effects on banking activity and the real economy. It is resuming publication in 2021 thanks to the financial support of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo and Bank of Italy. Centro Studi Luca d’Agliano is the publisher of the journal.

The journal aims at being an outlet for research and policy based  pieces, combining the perspective of academia, policy making and operations. Special attention will be devoted to the link between financial markets and the real economy and how this is affected by regulatory measures. Each issue concentrates on a current theme, giving an appraisal of policy and regulatory measures in Europe and worldwide. Analysis at the forefront of the academic and institutional debate will be presented in a language accessible also to readers outside the academic world, such as government officials, practitioners and policy-makers.

Each issue of the journal “European Economy” will consist of:


  • An editorial section, introducing the topic, its relevance and summarising the key critical questions emerging in the pieces, and providing the reader with a birdseye view on the key numbers, regulatory measures and readings on the subject;
  • Articles, generally written by prominent academics, and representatives of institutions and banks. These will partly be position papers, partly pieces summarizing the main items of the academic and institutional debate.