Research Seminar Series on Global Challenges – Anna Maria Mayda (Georgetown University)

Global Challenges Seminar Series

Anna Maria Mayda (Georgetown University) on “The Effect of the H-1B Quota on Employment and Selection of Foreign-Born Labor” (joint with Francesc Ortega, Giovanni Peri, Kevin Shih, and Chad Sparber) jointly organised by BAFFI CAREFIN Centre, Centro Studi Luca d’Agliano, Dipartimento di Economia, Metodi Quantitativi e Strategie di Impresa (Università Milano Bicocca), and Dipartimento di Ingegneria Gestionale (Politecnico di Milano).

Date and location: 20th December 2017 at 1.00 p.m., University of Milan, Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods, Seminar Room, 2nd floor, Via Conservatorio 7, 20122 Milan.


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